Open Educational Resources for Statistics and Data Science

OER at UH Manoa is growing and the Mathematics is participating with free online (and cheap hard copy) textbooks for MATH 111-112 and MATH 372.

The MATH 372 textbook, Statistics for Calculus Students, is authored by Professor Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen and PhD student Samuel Birns.

The first edition of the book was developed during Fall 2018. It is a supplement to OpenIntro Statistics (3rd Edition), a free textbook which describes calculus in a mathematics-rich but calculus-free way. Reading it, one will encounter many practical examples and probability calculations, but may never learn that the standard normal probability density function is
MATH 372 is our junior-level elementary probability and statistics course and is intended for students who have already taken Calculus I and II. (Students who have taken Calculus III and IV can learn why the normal distribution has that $\frac1{\sqrt{2\pi}}$ factor in MATH 471 and MATH 472, our senior-level courses on the subject.)

MATH 372 is projected to become a high-enrollment course as Information & Computer Sciences starts to require it for their data science concentration.

The textbook projects are funded by Outreach College as one of their OER Grant Projects.

Read Statistics for Calculus Students

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