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Placement Exam

Update Regarding Math Placement Exams: April 15, 2020

We will not be holding any on-campus exams until further notice. We are testing alternatives to ProctorU at this time and will update this page if we have found a working alternative. Please keep checking this website for updates. Thank you for your patience.

Update Regarding On-campus Math Placement Exams:
March 20, 2020

We will not be holding any on-campus exams until further notice. Hence, the “Reservations” and “Schedule of Placement Exams” links are now missing from our website.  We will notify students who have already signed up for the on-campus Exams of such, and of what their options will be.  For now, if you are still interested in taking the Exam, please refer to the “ProctorU – How do I schedule my exam? ” link and make a reservation through their “ProctorU Hawaii Portal” webpage. Please note that there is likely a fee involved to take the Exam through ProctorU. NCTA approved testing centers may be available, but please be aware that some centers may be closed or will close in the near future.
We will continue to seek alternative methods of proctoring the Exam. Please keep checking this webpage for updates.


The Math Department requires an exam for placement in certain courses. It is called the placement exam but also sometimes referred to as the assessment exam. Based on your math placement exam score, the Mathematics Department will enter a BMAT score into your Banner student record. Your BMAT score determines the classes in which you are allowed to register, and it stays valid for one year.
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