Mathematical logic

Syllabus for Math 455

Mathematical logic, Spring 2013

The last time this course was offered was Spring 2009. (Will the next time be Spring 2017?)

Textbook: A mathematical introduction to Logic, 2nd edition (Enderton)
Times: TuTh 12-1:15

See the Calendar tab for homework lists.

The top all-but-two homeworks count 20%. The best out of two midterms counts 40%. The final (either an exam or optionally a project consisting of a presentation and minimum-2 page paper) counts 40%.

Flyer for Math 455

Math 455, Mathematical Logic, will be offered Spring 2013. It is an undergraduate course at the junior/senior level, but may also be of interest to graduate students.

What is the course about? Kurt Gödel proved in the 1930s that in any reasonable mathematical system there will always be true but unprovable statements about arithmetic.
This was very upsetting to David Hilbert (pictured) who had hoped to be able to answer mathematical questions definitely and systematically.
Because of this work, Gödel was one of only two mathematicians included in TIME magazine’s 100 persons of the 20th century.

The prerequisites for the course are Math 454, or Math 321, or instructor’s consent.