Colloquium: Xu

September 16, 2022 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Please join us for a colloquium presentation this Friday (09/16) at 3:30pm in Keller 302.

The speaker will be our new colleague Chuang Xu. Please find the title and abstract below.


Title: Mean field limit of heterogeneous networks of higher order

Abstract: Networks are widely used in modelling science phenomena
(chemical reaction networks, brain networks, epidemic networks,
ecological networks, etc.). Almost all networks in nature are
heterogeneous. Such heterogeneity together with the huge size of the
network makes it challenging to study the dynamics of these networks
analytically or numerically. It is well known that network of higher
order interactions (H.O.I.) can invoke new dynamics. In this talk, I
will briefly introduce a recent work on the mean field limit of
heterogeneous networks of H.O.I.. Hypergraphs are generally used to
capture the underlying graphical structure of these networks. I will
first review the literature and the concepts of hypergraphs and graph
limits, and explain the main difficulty. Then I will introduce our work
on the mean field limit of heterogeneous networks, by introducing limits
of hypergraphs. Finally, I will mention some applications in physics,
epidemiology and ecology. This is a joint work with Christian Kuehn.