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Outside online courses

Thinkwell   Instruction on a CD; tests online. Has "live" lectures.
Aleks  Highly interactive lessions. It even has graphical rulers and pencil the students can use to draw graphs. Algebra, basic math.
eGrade  Wiley's eGrade interactive math testing program. Good, allows fill-in-the-blank questions.
eCollege   Well-packaged course module to which professors may add content.
Online Plato   Well-illustrated courses with audio. Low math/word ratio.
Cogito   Online courses in Statistics, Precal, Calculus
ElementK   Computer courses, no math
Hungry Minds   Go to "Mathematics", then "Trigonometry" and you'll find Math 140, Honolulu Community College, by Wayne Lewis, online for $117
MindEdge   Offers online courses from various colleges, typically $200-$900/student, no math.
Addison-Wesley (local comments)
I can learn   Claims to have interactive courses, no demos.
Houghton-Mifflin  Larson's Precalculus on CD-ROM (to be published).
McGrawhill  Barnett's Precalculus.
Virtual High School  Online high school courses.
Prentice Hall, MathPro  MathPro5 (needs login/password)

Other online material
Project Mathematics   Tom Apostle's famous video tape series.
Calculus OnLine
Platonic Realms
Math Topics

Interactive CDs
Thinkwell   Instruction on a CD; tests online. Has "live" lectures.
Math Deluxe (available at CompUSA). A Mathematica-type environment with instructional worksheets.
MathPert Assistant. Student is given problems, student chooses what to do at each step (subtract from both sides, factor, ... ).
Calculus WIZ. A Mathematica based Calculus tutorial and problem solver.

Course development tools
Laulima   UH uses this system.
WBT  TopClass.
Click2Learn (Asymmetrix)  ToolBook.

Information about online resources
PEW - successors of Virginia Tech Math Emporium