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Outside online courses

Thinkwell   Instruction on a CD; tests online. Has "live" lectures.
eCollege   Well-packaged course module to which professors may add content.
Online Plato   Well-illustrated courses with audio. Low math/word ratio.
Cogito   Online courses in Statistics, Precal, Calculus
Hungry Minds   Go to "Mathematics", then "Trigonometry" and you'll find Math 140, Honolulu Community College, by Wayne Lewis, online for $117
Addison-Wesley (local comments)
I can learn   Claims to have interactive courses, no demos.
Houghton-Mifflin  Larson's Precalculus on CD-ROM (to be published).
McGrawhill  Barnett's Precalculus.
Virtual High School  Online high school courses.
Prentice Hall, MathPro  MathPro5 (needs login/password)

Other online material
Calculus OnLine
Math Topics

Interactive CDs
Thinkwell   Instruction on a CD; tests online. Has "live" lectures.
Math Deluxe (available at CompUSA). A Mathematica-type environment with instructional worksheets.
MathPert Assistant. Student is given problems, student chooses what to do at each step (subtract from both sides, factor, ... ).
Calculus WIZ. A Mathematica based Calculus tutorial and problem solver.

Course development tools
Laulima   UH uses this system.

Information about online resources
PEW - successors of Virginia Tech Math Emporium