Putnam practice Wednesdays 4:15pm

Pictured: Yuliaa Kravchenko’s experience with coaching for math contests includes the European Girls’ Math Olympiad

2019 Exam

Putnam Competition Preparation Sessions at UH Manoa

Wednesday, 4:15-6:00pm in Keller Hall, 413

We meet every Wednesday starting September 25, 2019. You may join us later.
Hot malasadas are offered. Mathematical problems solving fun is guaranteed.

Every student willing to learn some problem solving arts is welcome!

This year, the competition takes place on December 7, 2019 at 8am-4pm
If you may be interested to participate, please contact Pavel Guerzhoy
Every full time UH Manoa student is invited to participate in the competition!

2018 Exam

Spring Problem Solving Sessions will be held

Wednesdays @4 pm in Keller 403
starting February 7, 2018
(you are very welcome to join later if you want to)

aim to prepare for

Putnam Math Competition
(“the world’s toughest math contest”)


December 1, 2018

(earlier start, better prepared!)

Practice sessions will be coached by:
• Prof. Pavel Guerzhoy (pavel@math.hawaii.edu)
• Sasha Markovichenko (markov@math.hawaii.edu)
• Yuliia Kravchenko (yuliia@math.hawaii.edu)
who all have extensive experience with math contests

Come learn problem solving skills!
Enjoy hot malasadas and other refreshments!
Please join us and make this year’s Putnam competition a
successful one.