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Careers for math majors

Some careers for math majors include:


Assess and manage risk for businesses by analyzing their spending. Actuaries also estimate the probability of events and the costs involved. Check out the UH actuarial program.


Collect and analyze data for a company. Statisticians identify trends in data sets and share those patterns with company executives.


Solve problems through numerical analysis. Mathematicians might research new theories, develop mathematical models, or analyze data to solve business problems.


Gather financial and socio-economic data by studying markets. Economists use this data to help businesses make long-term financial and investment plans.

Data scientist

Interpret large amounts of complex data to gain insights for a company’s business operations. Data scientists may use tools, systems, and algorithms to extract information from data. Check out our math major data science track

Data analyst

Extract useful insights from vast sets of quantitative or qualitative information. Data analysts are in demand across all industries.

Math teacher

Plan lessons, teach and tutor students, correct assignments, and advise student groups or coach athletic teams.

Full disclosure: this list was drafted by an AI Assistant