Data science track in Math BS degree

Catalog description

Students must complete PHYS 170/170L and PHYS 272/272L, as well as MATH 244 or 253A, and must complete 24 credit hours in mathematics courses numbered between 300 to 479 and 5 courses hours in additional mathematics courses numbered above 300 to 479 or appropriate non-introductory courses in related fields including:

• MATH 301, 307 or 311, 321, 331, 407, 442 or 475, 471, and 472,

• ICS 211, 235 and 435,

• 6 credit hours in writing-intensive mathematics courses

• 12 credit hours in mathematics courses numbered above 400

• Students must also complete MATH 480 (CR/NC only) (final year)

• Only courses in which a student earns a grade of C (not C-) or better will be counted toward fulfillment of major requirements

• All mathematics majors are required to see a mathematics advisor each semester prior to the next semester registration

• Students must demonstrate an understanding of algorithms and logic, as well as precision of thinking.