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Causes of autism-related repetitive behaviors

press-release 2023ver2Assistant Professor Farzana Nasrin has collaborated with the School of Life Sciences in a project to investigate genetic and metabolic components that may be related to repetitive behaviors that are common in people with autism. Their project received a five-year, $1.5M R01 National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant.

This project will analyze complex sets of data (20,000 genes, 300 serum metabolites, and 1,000 gut microorganisms, as well as 3D-imaging of active neurons in fish brains). The team assumes that it is fair to use the fish project to predict the possible genetic and molecular pathways because humans and fish share more than 90% of gene and molecular pathways. These high dimensional data sets are challenging to visualize and analyze. However, by integrating topological mapping and statistical machine learning algorithms, the researchers are developing effective and flexible methods to analyze them with a limited amount of training samples.

More at UH News.


Actuarial program

The UH Manoa actuarial curriculum is recognized by a national body:

University of Hawaii at Manoa is listed at Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs (UCAP) in the Introductory Curriculum classification, including courses for Exam FM and P as well as VEE (Validation by Educational Experience). Here is a link to our profile: https://www.soa.org/institutions/university-of-hawaii—manoa/

University of Hawaii at Manoa also appears on the SOA Explorer map.

This recognition was made possible primarily by a new course is coming your way in Fall 2023:
Math 370: Financial Mathematics.

Among other things, the course will prepare students for the actuarial examination in Financial Mathematics (Exam FM).

We already have courses preparing students for the actuarial examination in Probability (Exam P):
Math 471 and Math 472.

More information about this career path at Actuarial Science @ UH.370-1


Computational science track in Math BS degree

The new track allows students to earn a BS in Mathematics within the Computational Science track by completing certain Mathematics and ICS courses that emphasize modeling, simulation, and differential equations—three pillars of Computational Science—while fulfilling the usual Mathematics BS requirements. These courses were selected in consultation with faculty from the Mathematics and ICS departments who have Computational Science expertise.

The rationale is to give mathematics majors the opportunity to pursue a specialized degree in an area of Mathematics that is becoming increasingly important in academia and industry. Note that the proposed Computational Science track is different from the existing Data Science track in Mathematics, which has more of an emphasis on topics like statistics and machine learning.

Catalog description

Mathematics BS, Computational Science track

Students must complete PHYS 170/170L and PHYS 272/272L, as well as MATH 244 or 253A, and must complete 30 credit hours in mathematics courses numbered between 300 to 479 and 10 credit hours in related ICS courses including the following:

• MATH 304, 305, 307 or 311, 321, 331, 402, 407, 411, and 414

• ICS 211, 212, and 484

• 6 credit hours in writing-intensive mathematics courses

• 12 credit hours in mathematics courses numbered above 400

• Students must also complete MATH 480 (CR/NC only) (final year)

• Only courses in which a student earns a grade of C (not C-) or better will be counted toward fulfillment of major requirements

• All mathematics majors are required to see a mathematics advisor each semester prior to the next semester registration

• Students must demonstrate an understanding of algorithms and logic, as well as precision of thinking

Program sheet

4-year plan