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Tina Wang (’14) sponsors new scholarship

Many of us remember Tina Wang who completed her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from our department in 2014.
Since then she has opened many restaurants across the state and country, under the business name Tanaka Ramen.
We are thrilled that in 2021, she sponsored a scholarship for mathematical excellence in the Math Department!

After opening her first restaurant, named Tanaka Ramen & Izakaya at the age of 27 in Chicago, Illinois, Tina expanded her company across the United States, quickly adding four additional locations in Texas, Georgia, and Illinois. But it was always Tina’s dream to return to and focus her business in Hawaii. In the last year, that dream became a reality and she successfully welcomed three locations on the island of Oahu, using innovative ideas to adapt and respond to rapidly changing conditions brought on by the global pandemic.


Throughout all this, Tina has always been committed to giving back to the community as well as her alma mater. Proceeds from the grand opening of each of her Hawaii restaurants were used to establish a scholarship fund for the math department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. One scholarship will be awarded each semester to help a deserving student cover the cost of their tuition, books, and other fees. By maintaining a stable, long-term vision as well as ties to the wider community, Tina defines what it means to be a responsible small business owner today.

Pictured above we see a 3-D rendering of one of her new restaurants, in Ala Moana shopping center / Pearlridge mall.


Grad student chapter of the AMS

Our graduate students have their own Chapter of the American Mathematical Society!

Check out their web site for more info.

According to the AMS,

The AMS Graduate Student Chapter Program is a member benefit of Institutional Membership. The Chapter Program makes meaningful contributions to the professional development of graduate students in the mathematical sciences and encourages graduate students to engage with the Society.


The Data Behind The $\delta$ Surge

Predicting the future of Covid is a slippery slope, but forecast modeling can give us an idea of where we might be headed depending on current factors like vaccination rates, restrictions on public gatherings and the amount of incoming travelers. So where can we expect to go from here?

With the surge of cases, Hawaii hospitals are struggling to handle a combination of Covid and non-Covid patients, some operating at up to 125% of its capacity. How are hospitals handling the surge?

Civil Beat reporters Brittany Lyte and Anita Hofschneider, Professor Monique Chyba of Hawaii Pandemic Applied Modeling Working Group (HiPAM) and Hilton Raethel, President and CEO of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii discuss the issue on Thursday September 9.

Register here: