Departmental awards 2014

Kern-Clark Award

The Mathematics Department gives an undergraduate award each year prior to commencement, the Kern-Clark Award. The department gives these awards to undergraduates whose performance in their mathematics classes has been outstanding. The winner of the 2013 Kern-Clark award is David Webb.

Departmental teaching awards

The Department also gives two Excellence in Teaching Awards each year, one to a graduate teaching assistant  and the other to a faculty member, both of whom have been outstanding teachers. The winners of these awards in 2014 are Dayna Kitsuwa and Sarah Post.

The Teaching Award Committee's citation for Post's award reads:

In addition to excellent undergraduate teaching, Sarah Post has consistently contributed to the department’s mission to serve undergraduate and graduate students: recruiting prospective graduate students at the Joint Math Meetings, recruiting prospective math majors at the Manoa Experience Fair, and supporting the activities of the Manoa Math Ohana undergraduate club.

On top of this, Sarah has volunteered her time to participate in outreach activities with K-12 students and teachers: leading a workshop for the Math Teachers Circle Hawaii, and helping with the organization and a math activity for the recent (and very successful) “Expanding Your Horizons” event for middle school girls. This summer, she and two collaborators will introduce early high school students to mathematical modeling in the “Honeybee Math Summer Program.”

In recognition of this outstanding work and her continued efforts to improve mathematics teaching and learning both inside and outside the university, we award Sarah Post this year’s Faculty Teaching Award.

Achievement Scholarships

This year we also have 3 recipients of the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 College of Natural Sciences Achievement Scholarship:

  • Daniel Inafuku
  • Nicole Isoda
  • David Webb