Group Actions on 1-Manifolds

We are proud to announce that Assistant Professor Yash Lodha has been awarded a prestigious CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation to work on Algebraic, Analytic, and Dynamical Properties of Group Actions on 1-Manifolds and Related Spaces.

From the Award abstract:

A group is a mathematical abstraction of symmetries of a physical object or a theoretical space. Groups are fundamental objects in mathematics that also emerge in various applications such as in computer science and physics. The algebraic notion of a group associates to a set a binary operation, like multiplication, which satisfies a list of axioms. Groups emerge naturally as symmetries of various types of concrete or abstract spaces in mathematics. There is an intricate relationship between the geometric properties of these spaces and the algebraic properties of their groups of symmetries. The PI will continue his investigation of the landscape of infinite groups that emerge as symmetries of the most natural spaces in mathematics, the circle and the real line. The PI will organize two research workshops aimed at graduate students, and two research experiences programs for undergraduates. These shall be aimed at training a diverse body of students to become future leaders in mathematics. These activities will incorporate computational methods into the students’ mathematical exploration of the landscape of infinite groups.

More at UH News.

Another active CAREER award in our department is that of Associate Professor Elizabeth Gross.