Parking at UH

On Saturday people can park anywhere on campus for a flat fee of 5 dollars. On Sunday parking is free. However, renting a car for driving to the UH is not worth it. Parking in Waikiki is expensive and it is easy to get from Waikiki to the UH campus by bus or cab.

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The bus fare for a single trip (any distance) plus one transfer is 2.50 dollars exact change. For seniors over 65 with a Medicare card the rate is 1 dollar.

The #4 bus runs from Kuhio Avenue to the University. Persons staying at Hokele Suites get to Kuhio Avenue in a few steps heading toward the sea (makai). People staying in the Maile Sky Court only need to look for the nearest bus stop. To get to the UH take the bus on the mountain (mauka) side of Kuhio Avenue.

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People staying at the Hawaii Prince Hotel or the Hilton Hawaiian Village will have to walk 5 to 10 minutes to the #4 bus stop on the McCully Bridge over the Ala Wai Canal or take the very frequent #8 bus to the Ala Moana Shopping Center and there catch the #6 bus.

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The #4 bus runs along Kuhio Ave and departs at Monsarrat/Kalakaua on Saturday at 6:00a, 6:30a, 6:58a, 7:25a, 8:15a. On Sunday departure times are 6:15a, 6:55a, 7:30a, 8:00a, 8:30a. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the UH. Monsarrat/Kalakaua is located at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki so it will take some 5 to 10 minutes for the bus to reach the other end of Kuhio Ave.

On Saturday the A City Express Bus leaves from the Ala Wai Community Park at 5:55a, 6:25a, 6:35a, 6:55a, 7:05a, 7:25a and on Sunday at 6:20a, 6:50a, 7:20a and 7:50a. The bus stop is on Kapiolani Boulevard Diamond Head of McCully Street (turn right after crossing McCully bridge coming from Waikiki). This bus takes 9 minutes to get to the UH.

The #6 bus leaves the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Kona Street (direction Woodlawn) on Saturday at 5:42a, 6:07a, 6:37a, 7:04a, 7:34a, 8:04a, 8:35a and on Sunday at 6:21a, 7:06a, 7:54a, 8:24a reaching the UH in about 10 minutes.


Cabs in Hawaii have to be pre-ordered by phone. The fare from Waikiki to the UH is 11 to 16 dollars depending on location in Waikiki. Thus sharing a cab between three or four people would be a reasonable option.


The Hilton Hawaiian Village is fronting a swimming beach. The Hawaiian Prince Hotel overlooks the yacht harbor but a short walk is required to get to a swimming beach. From the Hokele Suites and the Maile Sky Court one can reach the busy Waikiki Beach in a few minutes.

Math department's campus location

Floor   Keller Hall Physical Science Building
5 Math faculty office
4 Math administration and faculty offices   Math faculty offices
3 Math faculty offices Math faculty offices; Geography
2 ICS NASA astrobiology center; Study abroad
1 ICS International Students and Scholars; Physics