Applied mathematics

Faculty and students interested in the applications of mathematics are an integral part of the Department of Mathematics; there is no formal separation between pure and applied mathematics, and the Department takes pride in the many ways in which they enrich each other. We also benefit tremendously from close collaborations with faculty and students in other departments at UH.

The Department regularly offers courses in ordinary and partial differential equations and their numerical solution, discrete applied mathematics, the methods of mathematical physics, mathematical biology (including a
certificate in mathematical biology
), the mathematical aspects of fluid and solid mechanics, approximation theory, scientific computing, numerical linear algebra, and mathematical aspects of computer science. Courses in probability theory, stochastic processes, data analysis are regularly offered as are courses in combinatorial and convex optimization. Our students are encouraged to take courses of mathematical interest in these and offering from other departments.

Visitors and Friends

Colleagues who have visited us in recent years include: John Chadam, Olga Cordero-Brana, Robert Gardner, Jerrold Marsden.