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Hawaiʻi nei jobs

Many of our MA and PhD graduates find work at other campuses of the UH System upon graduation.


Neighbor islands

  • Kauai Community College
  • Maui College
  • University of Hawaii – Hilo
  • Hawaii Community College

Current job openings

Due to recent retirements, Leeward is a bit short of Mathematics Instructors lately. Apply here: job ad Due to the hiring freeze, they are only hiring Lecturers, but they will have several full-time Instructor positions available once the hiring freeze is over.

A well-ordered graduate program

After a reorganization effort, since Fall 2015 our graduate program has many more regularly scheduled graduate courses.

Our grad students work their way toward MA or PhD, usually while simultaneously serving as teaching or research assistants. On the way to PhD students take qualifying exams in two of four areas: algebra, analysis, applied math, and topology.

We are excited to welcome the entering class of Fall 2019, pictured above.

Ruth Haas is the graduate chair since 2017.