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Departmental teaching award for Takagi

Official citation from the awards committee:

Daisuke Takagi has brought to our department a new way for students to get research experience: his wet lab. He provides hands-on opportunities for many students, both graduate and undergraduate, to use fluid dynamics to understand the world around us. This includes modeling the life swimming in the waters that surround Hawai’i. The students in his research group come not only from mathematics, but also from other departments in the College of Natural Sciences, SOEST, and the College of Engineering, making the lab a model of interdisciplinary education.

In the classroom, Daisuke is one of our most popular teachers. He consistently earns excellent teaching evaluations, and his courses at all levels fill up so quickly that he has been called a “strong student magnet.” In addition to the department’s regular curriculum, Daisuke has created and taught well-attended graduate courses in applied stochastic analysis and fluid dynamics.

In recognition of this outstanding work, we award Daisuke Takagi this year’s Faculty Teaching Award.


Blogs for Mathematicians

Dr. Piper Harron is now blogging for the American Mathematical Society. The AMS has several blogs of interest to mathematicians, including graduate students (AMS Grad Student blog) and early career faculty (PhD + epsilon blog). A full roundup of AMS blogs can be found here:

The newest AMS blog is called inclusion / exclusion; it’s a blog about underrepresented groups in mathematics. The first blog post by Adriana Salerno introduces the blog and the editing team: Dr. Harron’s first post just went up: