Spring 2023:

Math 649B: Topics in Logic

My Student Evaluations

Most semesters I give my students the opportunity to comment on the course through the standard anonymous departmental evaluations. Lately I have thought that it would be worthwhile to let the students see both what their classmates have said, and what previous classes have said. (If nothing else, students can get some idea of whether other students loathed my class.) I will therefore gradually be posting my student's evaluations of me here in their entirety (both the favorable and unfavorable ones). I'm missing a few, will scan/post them as I find them.

(Note: Please do not complain to other professors if/when they do not do the same thing!)

The names should be self-evident, eg "205_S96.pdf" are my evaluations from Math 205 in Spring Semester, 1996.

My mathematical interests are primarily in Logic (especially Model Theory) and Analysis (especially Measure Theory and Probability).

Currently I am the Editor-in-Chief of the

Not surprisingly, I am also a member of the UH groups in Logic and Analysis.

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I am was Co-PI on a biggish NSF grant in the Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education program. Go to the SUPER-M site for more.

I am NO LONGER CHAIR of the Faculty Senate, nor am I co-chair of the All-Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs.

However, you can apparently still watch me defend the University on TV. (I never watched this myself, tell me how I did - is the University still here?) You can also read all about me in Ka Leo. Do things never disappear on the Internet??